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Why You Should Get Your Termite Damage Fixed...

Rapidly repairing termite damage soon after discovering it is the key to keeping your family safe in your home and it’s attainable only through Brisbane Termite Repair’s free termite damage inspection

Within the space of 24 hours, you can go from discovering the issue to determining the true extent of the damage and all without lifting a finger (except to fill out the form of course)

Repairing the termite damage can be the difference between selling a house and having buyers walk away

It can also be the difference between negotiating a lower sale price or paying full price

Take John for example….

After months of searching online and attending open homes, John and Cecile finally found their dream family home

It was in the neighbourhood they wanted, close to great schools and with a huge park at the end of the street

They put an offer on the house straight away and after some negotiation with the vendor they reached a price they were all happy with

The building and pest inspection found there was old termite activity, but John didn’t think the damage was that bad so never got it looked at…

Then one day he noticed cracks appearing in the paint on one of the walls in the kitchen….

It turns out the termite damage went a lot further than John had thought and the repair bill was going to eat into their savings for their end of year family holiday….

It didn’t take John long to realise his mistake….

When he first got wind of the damage, John could have easily determined the true extent by organising a termite damage inspection

He could have taken the quote and then negotiated this off the sale price for the house… and that way in two months’ time he would be sitting with his family on a beach he can’t pronounce instead of helping throw chewed up wood into a skip bin…..

We’ve all been in John’s shoes…

You didn’t think the damage looked that bad….

Or, you should have asked the agent more questions….or the building and pest inspector for that matter….

But, it’s not your fault…

Those reports can be incredibly confusing to read and surely the building and pest inspector would have told you face to face if there were any major issues, right?

It just feels like money down the drain now….

Money that could be spent on a holiday, or new car, or pool for the kids…..

But, your story doesn’t have to be like that…

We have crews inspecting and repairing termite damage all over Brisbane….

The initial inspections are done within 24 hours but the repairs on the other hand….there are only so many jobs we can do in one day….the sooner we can inspect, the quicker we can return your home to its former glory….

27 years on the job have taught me one thing….termites will never give up

I’ve seen them eat flooring, joists, bearers, studs, door and window frames and jambs….the lot

You see, termites need cellulose to survive….

…and wood is mostly cellulose….

And, all they see when they look at your house is a buffet dinner….

….it’s not all doom and gloom though

Any damage can be inspected and repaired and your house resuscitated back to life…

And back to the place you’re proud to call home….

If you’re still with me, the way I see it you now have 3 options


Option #1

Do nothing. Leave your house as is and hope it doesn’t get worse


Option #2

Do it yourself. If the damage isn’t too extreme you might be able to fix it yourself…..but are you confident you can get it all?

Option #3


Call us.

We’ll be there within 24 hours and can give you an expert opinion on what needs to be done and the most cost effective way to do it


If Option 3 is looking good, fill out the form below


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 You can make sure your home is once again safe for your family