The Repair Process

Our Process of Fixing your Termite Damage:

(If the termites have already been removed, go to step 3)

  1. Live termites have infested the home and damage is found. Call us to determine and repair the damage

  2. The termites are treated by a pest controller. We sometimes work alongside them to demolish areas for the pest controller to access and treat. We can refer you to trusted pest control professionals

  3.  After the treatment, we will attend the property to do a sight inspection

    1. If the full scope of damage cannot be determined, then we will leave the property and prepare a quote to conduct further inspections

    2. If we can determine the extent of damage at the sight inspection then we will provide a repairs quote (move onto step 5)

  4. Once the intrusive inspection works are completed, a full quote for repair works can be determined

  5. We send the quote for you to sign off and confirm the quoted repair works

  6. If the quote is over $3,300, a contract will be prepared

  7. Once the contract is signed by owners and the deposit is paid, works can begin

  8. Begin the Repairs Process

    1. Purchase Home Warranty Insurance (if required)

    2. Schedule a start date

    3. Coordinate building works with a network of subcontractors, drafters and tradesmen

    4. Obtain quotes from subcontractors/suppliers

    5. Schedule subcontractors/suppliers

    6. Bring property back to new!

  9. Works are inspected by Craig Rynne Constructions, who can advise on maintaining a termite-free property.

Guaranteed Inspection Within 24 Hours

Brisbane Termite Repairs guarantees a home inspection in Brisbane within 24 hours of initial enquiry!

We take the fear out of buying or selling a house with termite damage! 

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