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Termites are undiscerning when it comes to their choice of meal.

Residential, commercial, industrial, vacant and investment properties are all at risk. However, it is particularly important for investment properties, that loss of income be mitigated as much as possible. This is where Brisbane Termite Repairs shines. Our team have extensive experience repairing, maintaining, and improving investment properties throughout Brisbane and the surrounding region. 

Our team are exceptional in their turn-around times. Whether you are looking to simply eradicate termites and repair the damage, or you are looking to make other improvements while our team are at the premises, we have a flexible solution to suit you. Our team offers custom solutions based on the timeframe, budget and future plans for the property. 

Many property investors are not in a position to inspect their property in person. Some are geographically too far away or simply just overrun with other responsibilities. As such, clear and comprehensive documentation is required. Brisbane Termite Repairs are able to supply written assessments, photos and other documentation, and clear solutions. Many property owners rely heavily on Brisbane Termite Repairs to make well-informed decisions based on evidence and budget restrictions. You can be confident that, with over 20 years experience, Brisbane Termite Repairs can fulfil your needs. 

Furthermore, Brisbane Termite Repairs are a one-stop shop for all property investors when maintaining their properties. Should live termites be found on the property, our team are able to assist in the organisation of an exterminator, as well as offering other maintenance services while undertaking termite damage repairs. 

If you have found termites in your investment property and want to mitigate your losses, contact the friendly team at Brisbane Termite Repairs. Our radical turnaround times and comprehensive service will ensure your property continues to bring income long into the future.

Guaranteed Inspection Within 24 Hours

Brisbane Termite Repairs guarantees a home inspection  in Brisbane within 24 hours of initial enquiry!

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