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Termite Repairs Jimboomba

Licensed Builder Repairing Termite Damage In Jimboomba

Have termites damaged your home or building in Jimboomba?  Do you have structural, wall or floor damage due to termite activity? Whatever the nature of your damage, we will be able to assist.

Our construction experience allows us to make an assessment of the termite damage so we can replace and make repairs in the most cost efficient method. We are well experienced in structural termite damage timber replacement including termite damage to loadbearing timber walls, roof timber framing, and loadbearing subfloor timber framing.

Termites cause severe damage to homes and building which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Termite damage can be to the structural frame in timber houses damaging timber wall, timber subfloor framing and roof framing. Non structural timber and wood can also be damage by termites including timber door frames, windows, wall lining and wall cladding and skirting boards.

Brisbane Termite Repairs are committed to quality as well as customer service. For all projects you will have a direct line of contact to your project manager and our 24-hour communication policy means that you will never be left wondering. Furthermore, we are committed to creating flexible repair solutions to fit you, your home, and your budget. Whether you are looking to simply repair the termite damage in your home or you would like to take this opportunity to complete further works, we can assist you.

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Brisbane Termite Repairs guarantees a home inspection  in Brisbane within 24 hours of initial enquiry!

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