Providing Brisbane With Termite Repair Services

Brisbane Termite Repairs are your first choice in termite damage repair services. Our team have over 20 years of experience in the building and construction industry. With extensive involvement in repairing damaged homes.

South East Queensland’s temperate weather and picturesque natural environments and reserves make a perfect home for humans and termites alike. Combined with Brisbane’s large number of traditional Queenslander style homes, this city is a target for termite destruction. However, it is still important to source an experienced repairer; as not all builders have equal knowledge and skills.

Our list of high-quality services includes:

    • Old Homes
    • New Homes
    • Townhouses
    • Duplexes
    • Cottages
    • Apartments
    • Unit Blocks
    • Queenslanders 
    • Home Older Than 100 + years
    • Offices 
    • Commercial Buildings

If you are unable to find the service you require listed above, we recommend that you contact our team for a more comprehensive conversation. Brisbane Termite Repairs are able to undertake a large scale of work throughout the Brisbane and surrounding region.

While our team do not conduct pest control or extermination services, we can refer you to trusted pest control professionals. Our team have amassed a unique network of industry contacts. We strictly vet and monitor this network to ensure that our referrals match the same high standard that Brisbane Termite Repairs maintain.

Brisbane Termite Repairs are committed to quality as well as customer service. For all projects you will have a direct line of contact to your project manager and our 24-hour communication policy means that you will never be left wondering. Furthermore, we are committed to creating flexible repair solutions to fit you, your home, and your budget. Whether you are looking to simply repair the termite damage in your home or you would like to take this opportunity to complete further works, we can assist you.

For more information or to book a home assessment and quote, please contact our friendly team today! See all our services areas

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Brisbane Termite Repairs guarantees a home inspection  in Brisbane within 24 hours of initial enquiry!

We take the fear out of buying or selling a house with termite damage! 

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