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    Brisbane Termite Repairs

    We take the fear out of buying or selling a house with termite damage! 

    When you find termites in your home it can be distressing. You will likely want to know the exact course of action and want to get started as soon as possible. However, sometimes you can be left wondering for days before a contractor replies to your inquiry. This is where Brisbane Termite Repairs shines above the rest. We specialise in termite damage repair.

    Our 24-hour response policy means that you are never left wondering. Our team are able to guide you through the process. While we do not provide pest control services, we are able to recommend reputable pest controllers. While the extermination process is underway, our team are able to provide a quote for the next step of the process: termite damage repair. At Brisbane Termite Repairs we understand that your home is your castle.

    During these stressful times, a calm and knowledgeable builder can make all the difference.

    Guaranteed Inspection Within 24 Hours

    Brisbane Termite Repairs guarantees a home inspection in Brisbane within 24 hours of initial enquiry!

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