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Brisbane Termite Repairs

Brisbane Termite Repairs focuses on the in-demand service of termite repair. While we do not provide pest control or extermination services, our team are able to provide recommendations for reliable businesses that do. Furthermore, we can provide sound advice on “Where to from here?”

While many construction and repair companies are servicing Brisbane and the surrounding areas, there are few builders who are as experienced as Brisbane Termite Repairs when it comes to termite damage repair.

Termite damage repair is a unique and highly specialised area of building and construction. During the termite repair process, many factors need to be observed and accommodated. These factors include:

  • Budget of the homeowner
  • Seen and unseen damage
  • Weather and damage or undue strain affecting structural elements of the home
  • Future wear and tear on the repairs as well as the original home
  • Aesthetics of the original home

Whether your home is one of Brisbane’s traditional Queenslanders or a contemporary design, you can rest assured that the Brisbane Termite Repairs team has the skills and knowledge to erase all traces of termite damage. Our team is comprised of only the most astute and precise builders.

When you contract Brisbane Termite Repairs you have access to the outstanding dedication and customer service of our team as well as our network of carefully selected industry contacts. From subcontractors to supplies, all contacts who work with Brisbane Termite Repairs are vetted to ensure that our high standards are met every time.

But our high standards do not only refer to building quality. Brisbane Termite Repairs take commitment to customer service seriously. Our team have spent over 20 years ensuring that your project will be managed comprehensively and courteously. Each homeowner has a direct line to the project manager and all communications are returned within 24 hours.

Brisbane Termite Repairs are fully licensed builders and are also licensed member’s of the QBCC – Queensland’s governing body. All of our work is covered by a 6-year warranty as well as code of customer service.

If you would like to know more about Brisbane Termite Repair, then contact our friendly team today.


    Brisbane Termite Repairs
    Brisbane Termite Repairs